How effective is the campaign against homeopathy worldwide? Questions to experts in UK, Belgium, USA etc. here in the blog

In Germany the Skeptiker movement is active since the 1990’s against homeopathy. Since 2015 the campaign has reached a new dimension and professionalism with the GWUP spin-off Informationsnetzwerk Homöopathie, a lobby organisation against homeopathy. For three years it successfully PR and lobbying against globuli, physicians and welfare practical men for homeopathy makes. The aim of the campaign (report) is to drive homeopathy and its market participants off the market, as it did in the USA 100 years ago. And unfortunately it is doing so very successfully. The doctors for homeopathy and alternative practitioners have fewer and fewer offspring, and schools have to close. There are fewer and fewer chairs of homeopathy at universities. Few and few medical students at universities are interested in homeopathy. More and more media report about homeopathy with terms like „pseudomedicine“ and „charlatanry“. For example one of the leading TV magazines, SPIEGEL TV on 5.11. (stream Government politicians openly talk about the end of the pharmacy obligation and its anchoring in health insurance funds. Skeptics infiltrate specific organizations or buy important opinion leaders there.

But with this campaign against homeopathy, Germany is not an isolated case, but another example of a worldwide campaign against globules, which, for example, operates with the manipulated Shang study or the manipulated Australia study.

Germany, as the heart of Hahnemann’s homeopathy, likes to think outside the box and learns from other countries how the campaign against homeopathy there and with what success the anti-Globuli activists act. And with what successes a counter campaign against the destruction of homeopathy could hold against it.

If you come from the UK, Belgium, the USA, India or any other homeopathy country, you are welcome to report your opinion in the comments here or to tell us what is going on in your country regarding homeopathy. Thank you very much.


Australia: homeopathic schools are closed, there are no more courses at the universities. In Australia, the Australia-Meta-Study has led to a significant collapse of the market.

Belgium: the sceptics have lobbied so successfully that in a surprising surprise coup the Queen has signed a decree against democracy

Great Britain: already several years ago homeopathy fell out of the national health care system

Germany: the board of the authority responsible for compulsory pharmacies demands an end to compulsory pharmacies; an important government politician wants to force health insurance companies to no longer reimburse homeopathy; medical practices and homeopathy doctors have fewer and fewer offspring; schools for alternative practitioners must close; at the university in Mainz a study is published that was supported by a foundation close to the government. Their statement: Globuli users are conspiracy theorists.

Spain: Ministry of Health wants to abolish homeopathy as a health insurance benefit

France: Minister of Health has announced that she will have homeopathy checked with – probably – methods for conventional medicines.

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  1. For Belgium: They changed some laws so that homeopathy can only be practiced by doctors, veterinary’s, dentists and mid wifes. All of them should have a university degree but no university provides a course… Official media only provides negative information about homeopathy.

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