Report from Italy on the situation of homeopathy: „We had returned to Middle Age, to the old times of “pogrom” versus Jewish people or witch hunts“

What is the situation for homeopathy and its users and experts in Europe and other countries? That’s what I asked experts in their countries. Recently, for example, an expert from Australia.

Here is the report of an expert from Italy:

„The situation in Italy at the moment is harder than ever: we are attacked and overwhelmed by criticism and fake news by skeptics via media every single day. Even some public and scientific institutions, as well as “scientists”, political parties and “VIPs” tend to ridicule Homeopathy.
Whenever we try to reply to any attack, our replies are NEVER published. As soon as an article or something positive is published, hundreds of opposite commentaries quickly appear in order to demolish …

It seems as if we had returned to Middle Age, to the old times of “pogrom” versus Jewish people or witch hunts. The night before the last political elections (3rd of March) a shameful a 2 hours and half service on Homeopathy was transmitted on the italian TV. We strongly protested so that the President of Italian MDs received a delegation of our Associations in early May. He tried to help us so he created “bridge” with ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, the top Italian scientific organization) in order to evaluate the scientific evidence of Homeopathic literature. Unfortunately, the present chief of ISS is a terrible enemy of Homeopathy, in fact he always declared to destroy it. He formed a committee made by 11 members of ISS (who know quite nothing about Homeopathy, completely incompetent) versus 5 representatives of Homeopathic Associations (I am the delegate for FIAMO) plus 3 members of Medical Chamber: as you can see, the committee was totally unbalanced and, what’s even worse, the chief of ISS refused to appoint those scientists and researchers who published clinical and experimental studies on Homeopathy!! This bloody guy aims to arrive to a definitive condemn about Homeopathy: a death penalty.
Our scope is to make such an attempt to fail, as the real experts are not part of the committee and probably even the Medical Chamber could not recognize it …
This is the situation in Italy at the moment. And this is what I want to say to Christian J. Becker, hoping it can be useful for everybody.“

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