Homöopathen begrüßen den neuen homöopathischen Hausarzt von König Charles und sehen Vorteile für Patienten und Homöopathie / 3 Interviews aus GB und USA

Der britische König Charles hat mit Dr. Michael Dixon einen Homöopathie-Experten zum neuen Haus- und Familienarzt ernannt. 22.000 Menschen haben den Bericht darüber im Homoeopathiewatchblog gelesen (Link). Mich erreichen viele E-Mails von Homöopathie-Fans, die sich über die Entscheidung von Charles freuen. Sie fragen auch, wie Homöopathen diese Entscheidung sehen. Um diese Frage zu beantworten, habe ich zunächst Homöopath*innen zunächst im englischsprachigen Teil der Welt, in Groß-Britannien und den USA, gesucht und um eine Einschätzung gebeten. Ich wollte wissen, wie sie die Wahl des Königs bewerten und ob diese  auch Auswirkungen auf die Patienten und die Homöopathie haben könnte. Denn es hat sich immer wieder gezeigt, dass Menschen auf die Homöopathie zugehen, wenn Personen des öffentlichen Lebens Positives zur Therapie sagen.

Da die britischen und deutschen Medien in ihrer Berichterstattung über den neuen Arzt des Königs nur Homöopathie-Gegner mit ihren negativen Äußerungen zu Wort kommen lassen, halte ich es zusätzlich für wichtig, dass sich auch Homöopathen öffentlich mitteilen können. 

Die niedergelassene Ärztin für Homöopathie Dr. Christine Suppelt lebt und arbeitet seit 1994 in Großbritannien (Kent). Sie weist in Ihrer Einschätzung gegenüber dem Homoeopathiewatchblog auf die lange Geschichte des britischen Königshauses mit der Homöopathie hin. Und König Charles sei auch Schirmherr der Faculty of Homeopathy, als einer der größten und ältesten Organisationen von Ärzten für Homöopathie weltweit. Zudem sei Charles seit langem ein Unterstützer der professionellen nicht-ärztlichen Homöopathie. Für Dr. Suppelt kommt die Entscheidung des Königs für einen homöopathischen Arzt daher nicht überraschend. Für die Ärztin hat die Entscheidung des Königs auch direkte Vorteile für die Patienten. Wenn ein König gezielt einen Homöopathen auswählt – wenn er sich jeden anderen Arzt aussuchen könnte – kann das Patienten zur Homöopathie führen. Und in Patientengesprächen zeigt sich, dass Menschen der Homöopathie noch mehr vertrauen, wenn Dr. Suppelt auf die königliche Familie als Homöopathieanwender hinweist. (Die Einschätzung von Dr. Christine Suppelt können Sie weiter unten in voller Länge lesen).

König Charles ist seit Jahrzehnten ein Förderer der Homöopathie für Menschen und auch in der Landwirtschaft. Deshalb habe ich auch eine Homöopathin aus diesem Bereich befragt, Karen Seyerstedt, die mit der Whole Health Agriculture eine der wichtigsten Organisationen mitgegründet hat, die Homöopathie in der Landwirtschaft fördern. Sie sieht in der Entscheidung des Königs einen weisen Schritt der britischen Monarchie in die Moderne. Charles sei bekannt für seine unkonventionellen Entscheidungen bekannt, seit er Homöopathie bei den Tieren auf seiner Farm einsetze. Und was der König tut, bleibe nie unbemerkt. Da er ein moderner König sein wolle, der offen für Wandel sei, passe seine Entscheidung für einen homöopathischen Arzt dazu. (Auch das vollständige Statement von Karen Seyerstedt finden Sie weiter unten).  

Ich habe auch den Homöopathen Dana Ullman aus den USA befragt, der in seinen Büchern und Publikationen die Bedeutung der Monarchie für die Homöopathie herausgearbeitet hat. Ullman weist in seiner Antwort an den Watchblog darauf hin, dass seit 1830 jeder König oder jede Königin an der Spitze des britischen Königshauses einen auf Homöopathie spezialisierten Arzt beschäftigte. Ullman geht auch ausführlich auf die Berichterstattung in den Medien ein. (Sein ausführliches Statement können Sie ebenfalls  weiter unten)

Dr. Christine Suppelt:

„King Charles has always been a proponent, defender and active supporter of homeopathy. There is a long history of the Royal family using homeopathy, clearly with great success judging on the late Queen Elisabeth II advanced age and health.

King Charles became the patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy (medically qualified homeopaths) a few years back, but has long also supported professional non-medical homeopathy. If there ever comes as no surprise to me that she has chosen a homeopathic doctor as his physician.

I am not sure how aware patients in the UK are as I personally have not seen much press coverage of it, but I am certain that the fact that somebody like King Charles, who could choose any doctor, would prefer a homeopathic physician, will sway people towards homeopathy. “Celebrities” like the Royal family, especially the King, do certainly influence public opinion. Whenever I do mention to patients that the Royal family chooses homeopathy, it does seem to make them feel more convinced about the treatment.“

Dr Christine Suppelt is a fully qualified and GMC registered doctor, Homeopathic Physician, Medical Acupuncturist and Ophthalmic Surgeon who offers Integrated Medicine in Maidstone, Kent. https://homeopathykent.co.uk/


Karen Seyerstedt: 

„Why does King Charles´ choice of Dr Michael Dixon send an important message?

In a Monarchy like the United Kingdom, the duties of the King and/ or Queen are mainly representational. In addition, the Royal family serves as a symbol for unity, identity and stability. In the case of the UK, with its history as an empire, royal life, behaviour and choices are noticed far beyond UK´s borders.

When the King appoints Dr Michael Dixon as head of the Royal household´s health care, the press is on the ball immediately with comments and opinions. However, the choice of someone with, among other, a background in homeopathy, follows a long tradition in the British royal household. The royal family have been using homeopathy as part of their everyday medicine for generations. Queen Elizabeth II was also skilled in using it for herself and for her animals. The proof is in the pudding; the royals seem to be able to maintain excellent health.

Choosing a homeopath who is also a GP and known for his courage and engagement in (among other) social prescribing in a country with an NHS in crisis, seems like a wise choice. In my opinion, introducing homeopathy as part of a salutogenic, integrated health care is the way forward.

I guess how the media and the public take an interest in the Royal family may be compared to the attention the aristocracy and longstanding, successful industrialists get in non-monarchies such as Germany. In addition to celebrities, these people often make headlines, especially if their choices and behaviour are unconventional.

To give an idea of what the forward thinking Dr Michael Dixon, OBE, FRCGP, FRCP and Chair of the College of Medicine represents, here are his words when he opened this year´s Homeopathic Research Institute conference:

“Modern medicine has achieved so much, but it fails me almost every day in my GP surgery. We not only need new treatments, we also need to offer patients a more personal and holistic approach. It is important that we support and encourage patients and integrative physicians who want to provide and gain benefit from homeopathy.”

At this conference, in addition to basic research and studies on human health, the amount of agro- and aqua-homeopathy research was unprecedented. The evidence is increasing for the role of homeopathy in reducing antibiotics and side effects of conventional treatments, and as a “clean technology” (an expression commonly used by the Brazilian researchers) for soil, water, plants, fish, and animals, i.e. to clean up the food chain and the environment.

It was also fascinating to learn how homeopathy/ highly diluted bioactive compounds can change the genetic expression on a cellular level, affect inflammation, oxydative stress and iron metabolism.

Only time will show whether King Charles´ choice will have far reaching consequences or not. He is known for being unconventional, and has since he started farming used homeopathy for his farm animals. The former Prince of  Wales, Patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy, has also supported homeopathic organisations and hosted receptions where homeopaths have been welcomed. The British Empire, as it is, is under scrutiny and so is the Monarchy itself. But King Charles seems to want to be a modern king who is open for change. As long as the Monarchy remains, the actions of the King will never go unnoticed. I dare say, like they say with bad theatre critics: any publicity is good publicity!

I would also like to remind friends of homeopathy about this Arthur Schopenhauer quote:“All truth goes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

About me:

Karen Seyersted

MSc Integrated Healthcare, MARH (UK), alumni NHL (Norway).  Before she moved to Italy in 2023, she lived for 20 years in the UK where she practised and studied homeopathy and integrated healthcare. Through her interest in the links between farming, food and health, and the role of homeopathy, in 2018 she founded Whole Health Agriculture together with Lawrence Woodward, OBE, and homeopath Jackie Pearce-Dickens, MARH. Karen is currently on WHAg´s education and research committee.  https://wholehealthag.org  „

Dana Ullman: 

„Modern-day media is no longer interested in providing objective information.  Instead, modern media attempts to spin positive information into attack journalism on certain subjects.  Because one of Big Media’s largest advertisers is Big Pharma, the media actually looks for any way it can to attack Big Pharma’s competitors, such as homeopathic medicine.  Not a single report on King Charles‘ decision to place Dr. Michael Dixon to head the medical services of the Royal Household mentioned that EVERY leader of the British Royal Family since the 1830s (!) has selected a physician who specialized in homeopathic medicine to be their personal physician.

Further, as I have chronicled elsewhere, the history of royalty throughout the world has also sought care from physicians who specialized in homeopathy, including  Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Prussia and even Czar Nicholas and Czar Alexander II of Russia sought homeopathic treatment. (Reference:  „The King’s Homeopath“).

What is additional remarkable is that modern media has suddenly forgotten the wisdom of Hipppocrates, the „father of medicine,“ and his most famous dictum, „First, do no harm.“  Physicians and others who use homeopathic medicine follow this wisdom.  Any media who chooses to diss honoring the importance of using safer methods FIRST in medicine are choosing to diss an internationally and historically principle of medical practice.

The additional strong piece of evidence of the media’s ongoing efforts to provide misinformation on select subjects is that Dr. Michael Dixon is actually not a physician who specializes in homeopathic medicine himself. He has special strong respect for homeopathy, and as head of the Royal medical household, he can and will seek out consultation with physicians who do specialize in homeopathy.  Dr. Dixon has a specialty in the broad field of „complementary and alternative medicine,“ of which homeopathy is a part.  And Dr. Dixon’s most famous patient, King Charles, who, like his mother and so many generations before him, has had a long-time deep respect and love for homeopathy.

Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH, author of 10 books on homeopathy, as well as four chapters on homeopathy in medical textbooks, including two published by Oxford University Press.


Blog:  https://danaullman.substack.com/

Foto: Deutscher Bundestag/Tobias Koch

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